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Are you looking for quick cash? At Cash is King we offer people money against their assets. It is a loan for 30 working days and after those 30 days you pay us back the money plus the interest that we offered you then you get your item back. We take assets like cellphones, gold jewellery, ipods,psps,cameras,tvs(PLASMA & LCD) and cars as well.

Please don't hesitate to call in for more information.
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Pay Day Advance is a short term loan advanced against your next salary! To apply just bring your ID, 3 month bank statement, payslip and proof of residence to Cash Converters Centurion and we’ll give you instant cash!

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I am a financier I am willing to lend out loans with Low interest rate and with in the amount of $5,000 to $80,000,000 as the loan offer,I offer loan to all categories of people ,firms, companies, all kinds of business organizations, private individuals and real estate investors,I give out loans at very cheap and moderate rates. You can contact me today if you are interested in getting this loan, . You are to contact us with this e-mail
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For people in South Africa who are lookingfor car insurance quotes online, they can check this webpage run by atrusted underwriter.

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Certainlymore than meets the eye.

Nqobion is a vibrant project management company that,inter alia, assists SMMEs and BigBusiness with securing funding for Tenderpurposes.




We do a Basic Assessment of the information that you have provided (AppointmentLetter / Bill of Quantities).  Wearrange to meet with you do discuss any outstanding matters and toanswer any further questions that you may have

We arrange to do adue-diligence assessment. We doour own independent checks and research and we may want to conduct a site visit of your premises.

If all goes well, we propose a cession package to suit yourunique requirements.









We do not sourcefunds for SME's located further than 200km from Johannesburg

WhyNot?  Until we open new branches, it's just to far for us to travel and wewould have to bill you for our travelling expenditure, which isn’t our modusoperandi.


We currently do notsource funds for Contracts less than R200, 000 or more than R500 m

WhyNot? It makes business sense for us not to go outside of these perimeters. 


We generally do notsource funds for Land & Buildings

WhyNot?   Our financier’s maximum loan term is 1 year. You should beable to get a bond much cheaper over 10, 15 or 20 years.  But if your contractproves that you can pay up a loan over 1 year, letus negotiate.


We generally do not solicitfunds for Irrecoverable Costs directly

Onceyou spend money on these, you can't get it back. Some examples of such costsare:

§  Salaries & Wages

§  Marketing &Advertising expenses

§  Shop-fittings &Decorations

§  Development costs

Wedo however negotiate on these should the nature of your contract require us toconsider these.



We do not solicit fundsfor Tax Liabilities

WhyNot?  Because if you owe SARS money, and you don't have it, then it is asure sign that your business is not well managed from a financial perspective.


Which Industries aremore favourable?

We are not too specific; we are here to help you.


We generally do not seekout funding for Perishable Stock

WhyNot?   Simply, it makes business sense for us not to engage in these. 


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Here at Picotifin, (Online Cash Loans)

We know that times are tough…

Costs are rising….

You can barely manage your budget – then on top ofeverything else, your car packs up or you need extra funds for that dream item,or even worst there is a death in the family.


How do you find theextra funds?


We’re pleased to tell you that for less stress and peace ofmind you can now apply for a Cash LOAN with us.



All you need to do is visit our website fill in the one page Loan application form that gets send to you and wewill have an answer for you within a couple of minutes.

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NAEDOS or ACB/EFT debit orders can be processed through our systems. 
ACB/EFT debit orders are well suited for entities getting a known value of recurring income on a regular basis.
NAEDOS debit orders are best for ensuring that income is in fact collected. Tracking allows NAEDO debit orders to be resubmitted numerous times over a selected number of days until the transaction is successfull. 
ACCOUNT HOLDER VERIFICATION: Confirm the accuracy of the account provided by your customer and captured by your staff to increase the possibility of successfull collections. 
Payment against available funds PAAF is a cost effective alternative to other online and even cheque payments. Ideally suited to regular payments to e.g. suppliers
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FuneralCover Finder is a portal to help you find the best funeral cover quotes inSouth-Africa. We represent some of the most trusted providers, this includes:AVBOB, Metropolitan & KGA. Our service is absolutely free.  Visit our website for industry related news,articles and other interesting information. Let us make finding the rightfuneral insurance as easy and hassle free as possible.

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Welcome to Swift Cash Loans 

You can barely manage your budget – then on top of everything else, your car packs up or you need extra funds for that dream item, or even worst there is a death in the family.

How do you find the extra funds?

We’re pleased to tell you that for less stress and peace of mind you can now apply for a Cash LOAN with us even if you are blacklisted or on ITC

Send a BLANK email to or BMM 220F1F06 or visit
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We do carpet and upholstery cleaning now for more than 9 years and still growing, we have great specials on cleaning.
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Bataung Insurance Brokers specialises in the provision of affinity group insurance packages with impetus on Group Funeral Cover, Funeral Services and Group Credit Life Cover. We package our insurance benefits for niche markets.

Through our affinity partnerships, we provide funeral insurance, funeral services, credit life protection and value added benefits to large groups of individuals with a common interest. Our clients benefit from our value proposition given the low cost of our product delivery and distribution channels. In addition they enjoy brand loyalty and client retention while developing a sustainable income stream.

Our clients and partners have an option to co-brand the insurance products or offer them to their members through white-labeling.


For: Employer Groups, Funeral Undertakers & Administrators. Associations. Clubs.
Retailers. Telecommunicaiton Networks. Distribution Networks. Retailers.
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